Kennys Adventure Scuba In Aruba Game


Kenny Adventure - Scuba in Aruba

Kenny's Adventure comes to life as a young boy, named Kenny, sets out on an underwater journey to search for an old family relic. It was stolen long time ago by pirates and now its peaces rest in different parts of the world. So, join your friend Kenny

Scuba in Aruba  v.

Kenny's Adventure: Scuba in Aruba is a beautiful platform game that takes place underwater. Your goal is to help Kenny collect the stolen relics hidden in all levels.


Gunz  v.6 4

Gunz is an online first person shooter game with action and adventure elements. In this game, you will control soldiers that can be equipped with different weapons and items.

Jumper  v.1.0

In this game player must jump as high as you can. You have to bounce from balloons. If you don't jump at the baloons you can fall down and end of game. The level ends when you jump to the top step.

Legacy World Adventure  v.2 72

Legacy World Adventure is a wonderful game in which you travel all over the world. In this game, you are provided with clues and you must guess the country or the place.

Frozen Sisters in Disneyland  v.1.0

In this game Anna and Elsa need your help getting ready for their fun-filled day of rides and adventure! All of their outfits and accessories feature fun Disney prints and references.

Enjoy Picture Adventure

The man most likes one of games. One brand-new self-service type leisure game Enjoy Picture Adventure, can let you manufacture likes picture the game background, in the game your mission is the elimination Dark Skeleton king and his evil forces under,

Adventure Chronicles The Search for  v.32.0

Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost treasure is an adventure game developed by Gogii Games and published by BigFish Games. Plot: Your character in this game is Susan, an archaeologist who travels around the world looking for treasures.

Daffy Studio Adventure  v.

Daffy Studio Adventure is an arcade game with Duffy Duck. This game can be played online in several sites. is the only site that allows you to download it, since they distribute it free.

Dora's 3-D Backpack Adventure  v.32.0

Dora's 3-D Backpack Adventure is a nice game for kids in which you have to help Dora collect the library books that Swiper has hidden. What you have to do is lead Dora through a pathway and collect the books.

A Sitch in Time  v.

A Sitch in Time 2 is an interesting adventure game for free. The goal for you is to travel into the past to stop the villains from crushing Kim's spirit. In the game, use four arrow keys to control Kim.

Discover Scuba  v.

Discover Scuba in this fun and addictive strategy game. The first player to get four of his playing pieces in a row wins! In addition to the original four-in-a-row game Discover Scuba adds the freediver piece that serves as a wildcard and the

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